Sunday, August 25, 2013

I'm Back!

Coming soon: Fire Man's stage, followed by some much more serious and in-depth analysis of Mega Man's movement and capabilities, their relation to stage design and enemy behaviors, and how the very first game both succeeded and failed in making full use of it all. Then, a quick pass-over of Wily's robot factory and the bosses therein, followed by moving on to the game that fixed Mega Man I's mistakes and cemented the formula the series would use for nine more games (including 9 and 10) with fairly little variance. During that time I will attempt to introduce some sophisticated new metrics that will (hopefully) reveal subtleties of Mega Man II's design. Mega Man I isn't enough of a masterpiece to warrant that kind of scrutiny; it's enough to use rough metrics here because the game isn't that detailed and serves mostly as an origin and draft for the rest of the series.


Yes, I am not, in fact, dead, nor have I forgotten about this blog or abandoned it. Between an upcoming move predicated upon my girlfriend's current location becoming dangerous, preparing for DragonCON (I will be making exactly one DC post with pictures), and trying to learn Java only to decide it's too much trouble and switch back to Game Maker Studio to whip up a simple platformer engine, something had to give, and it was this blog. I'm sorry to have disappointed all two of my readers. But updates will now resume, though I'm not going to make any promises about pacing.

Expect Fire Man's stage breakdown and analysis sometime before Tuesday. If I fail in that, it will likely have to wait until after DragonCON, since that begins on Wednesday. Our move starts immediately afterward, but once October rolls around I will have significantly more time and energy, which will (partly) go into this blog.

Two months. Holy crap.

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